Moroccan High Atlas Trek: 6 days- £1085


Country Max Altitude Category Difficulty
Morocco 4167m Climbing and Trekking moderate ?

Dom has trek and climbed in the mountains of the High Atlas for years.  Dom has chosen this trek to give the best that the High Atlas can offer in a 6 day African Adventure!

Jebel Toubkal is the  the highest mountain in North Africa standing at 4,167 metres. Among the ancient Berber culture, this trek is a real challenge to altitude in a short space of time, but also very acheivable and great for those with little or no treking experience . Dom prides himeself with a really high success rate on those reaching the summit of Toubkal!

The six day trip starts and ends with a night in Marrakech, where you can kick back in a more modern version of north african culture, and be amazed by dancing cobras to great shopping!

That was the challange of a life time, i'll never forget it, thanks Dom for getting me to the top!
– T Kenny


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