Wild Inca Trek Peru : 10 days- £1785


Country Max Altitude Category Difficulty
Peru 4500m Climbing and Trekking moderate will power ?

Next trip - 5th June 2018


                                                                            Wild Inca Trek Peru

Dom has recently rediscovered a unique ancient Inca route that no one else is doing. You get to experience a truely  wild Peru as you trek over remote mountain passes and camp by glacial lakes before linking up with one of the 7 wonders of the world, Macchu Picchu. And for those that want more adventure Dom has also gained access to climb Wayna Picchu. The iconic peak on all the Machu Picchu photos!

A truly wild unquie experience that no one else is offering!


That was the challange of a life time, i'll never forget it, thanks Dom for getting me to the top!
– T Kenny


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