Galapagos and Amazon Adventure

  • £2085
    • April 2021
  • 11 days
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Join the team as we embark on an epic adventure to two of the worlds must beautiful and diverse destinations, the world famous Galapagos Islands and the Amazon jungle. Prepare yourself to be amazed as the Galapagos is unlike any place on Earth allowing you get up close to the unique wildlife on land and sea.
Then enter the Amazon and white water raft through the greatest jungle on earth and stay in a luxury jungle camp.


Day 1/2: Arrive in the historical city of Quito, Ecuador, Relax and see sights. One of the best  Cities in South America
Day 3: Fly to the Galapagos- Santa Cruz Island- Charles Darwin Station- see Giant Tortoises and Marine Iguanas
Day 4: Galapagos - Santa Fe Island -Wildlife snorkel in crystal blue waters, see small Sharks, Turtles & sea lions.
Day 5: Galapagos - Kayak Isabella Island - Morning boat ride -in the afternoon Kayak with Penguins & Rays.
Day 6: Galapagos- Boat ride to the ultimate snorkel site “los Tunnels” an old lava site half submerged by sea teaming with wildlife. - Afternoon option to cycle inland to the “Wall of Tears”, for chance to see wild Giant Tortoises.
Day 7: Galapagos- Boat ride back to Santa Cruz, visit to the old lava formations of the island - fly to quito -Hotel
 Day 8: Depart for the Amazon jungle, short waterfall Jungle trek- overnight in luxury jungle camp. Jungle supper!
Day 9: White water raft through the Amazon jungle.- Jungle camp - traditional Chocolate making lesson.
Day 10: Amazonia Cave, then onto the Andes mountains for the highest and best natural Hot Springs in South America —Depart evening for airport - UK